Brand Colors for Hubspot reporting and dashboards


I often pull data straight from Hubspot for executive presetnations.  What would make this even easier,  is if I could load my color pallet into Hubspot and use it for reports and dashboards, etc...


I think the ability to say load a microsoft theme - which contains colors and fonts, etc... into Hubspot would be great.  Microsfot theme is something you can upload into excel, powerpoint, word.... to have a consitent brand experience across the microsoft set of apps.


I think this is a great little feature that would make it much easier for marketers to use Hubspot directly for presenations and such

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I would like the ability to have custom colors in the reports for the charts. 

The best would be if I could yous "Color codes" for this, like "Hex" codes.

Our reports would look much nicer with our own colors, and I would feel better sharing these to the board.

BR/ Filip


+1 for this. It'll definitely helps to be able to customise the colors of the report with our own corporate colors instead of using the default colors available. 


I couldn't agree more. Even if we could simply show the colours we added under 'branding' in the general settings, it would be a massive help when we need to report this internally and be consistent with our branding.






This would be a great idea and would save time in having to transfer reports in to another format to brand correctly.


+1 as well and I would +1,000 if possible. Having the ability to create our own custom color themes would be a great value. Also setting default colors for Stages would also be great!


YES! Another +1. 


The ability to change the color of the existing palettes is great, but if someone hits the "reset" by mistake, all the work is lost. It would be really great to be able to save the changes we make to a palette to whatever we choose.


Thank you for considering this change as soon as possible :).