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Branch logic with 2 values - Matching Value and Value to Use in Action

I use Branch on a lot to implement logic (for each in the list, vary the actions with a different property to set). 


For example, a list of email addresses which will be found in a contact property, that should set a contact owner


I would like to have a branching that has two columns; a matching value (the email address) and a use value (the contact owner to set). 


Then in the actions within that branch, the use value is available to set as a substitute. 


This would allow me to make much more dynamic workflows, instead of needing to constantly add multiple actions for a new pair of values


I have a number of examples where support has led me to this solution, which is high maintenance,  but effective. The worst part of it is the large amount of clicking required when there are many branches. I've created some with 30+ identical branches!