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Bot notifications for conversations inbox

It would be nice to have the option to use the Connected Team Conversations Inbox as a recipient for notifications in regards to bot conversations. We are looking to have a notification sent to the conversations inbox any time there is a new bot conversation so that our team can keep better track of contacts that are interacting and asking questions to our bot to better manage the chat-flow.

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I agree totally.

Having Bot conversations not showing in the Inbox - All Conversations section is far from ideal. It means these messages can get lost by our team.



Our team would also love this functionality! 

Status aktualisiert zu: In Beta

Hi all-


We are excited to announce that with Conversation-based workflows you can now trigger a notification for bots leveraging the workflows tool. For access to this beta, please fill out this form.


For more details about this functionality, check out our Knowledgebase article. 

Workflows are available to Marketing, Sales, and Service Pro and Enterprise customers. 


Thank you, 



HubSpot Employee

hey team,

Commenting for the customer here.

Understand that we now have the ability to use workflow to set up bot notification.

However, I also wish to raise that the ability to have bot notification should be part of our notification settings (similar to chat and email).

It feels that using workflow seems more like a workaround than an actual product fix.

Thank you!

Status aktualisiert zu: Delivered

Thanks so much for the feedback and I totally understand that setting up a workflow is not as easy as just having a setting as suggested. The reason for this being solved with workflows is this type of notification is something that is more custom to a particular team. In our research, we have learned there are two camps of customers, folks that expect bots to handle the chats without human intervention and then others that want to be able to see the bots coming in and intervene. Because of this it is a custom use-case/setting, we have enabled it via workflows to be able to address the teams that want to have visability into the incoming bots to enable their process, but have currently not added it as setting at this time. 


Also, happy to chat in more detail though. Feel free to email me at




I totally agree with your employee @YiRui_Chua . 
 bot notification should indeed be part of our notification settings (similar to chat and email).
then the people who don't want human interactions in their bots can just turn this notification off.

any chance of seeing this happening?




this is very much needed. We don't have any live chat personnel so we use bot chats. Later, when we can, we want to send emails to the visitors that finished the chat bot.


But for some crazy reason, we cannot choose (not as a default of course) to receive bot notifications in the free Hubspot accounts (workflows are only for paid customers). This takes away the entire idea of a chatbot if you cannot get notifications of new chatbot messages. Sad.

HubSpot Employee

Hey Team, it's great to see that it's possible to at least send notifications through a conversations-based workflow. That said, it would be even better if we could choose from more notification types to send from the workflow such as pop-up or browser notifications!


Thanks for the feedback @aneng . PM for Notifications here. Do you have any specific use case you would want to point out for these?
Also, do you want to create this as a separate idea so that others can also upvote and comment separately? It helps us create a stronger case for the idea.