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Our company has one blog that covers a wide variety of topics and targets multiple audiences. Would love for our readers to be able to subscribe by topic, not just post frequency, to ensure they're only getting emails when content is posted that is directly relevant to them.

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Another upvote here. Saying 'this is not a common request and you can use the workaround above' really isn't good enough - Hubspot is meant to facilitate inbound marketing and this should be all about personalisation and granular targeting. We have multiple audiences reading our blog (for example consumer v industry A v industry B v industry C) and they should be able to subscribe to blog notifications that only send them the posts relevent to them. 


@Snaedis - please know the workaround with RSS doesn't allow us to do what we all need, so please don't say this is something we can achieve with existing functionality. It is easily done in other tools like Wordpress and Hubspot should've added this basic functionality years ago. 


In 2020 we really can't be expecting readers to sign up to multiple email subscriptions- using my example above, a reader might want to receive email updates on industry A and C, which with the RSS 'workaround' would be two different email subsciptions to manage. 


Please take another look at this one Hubspot!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Crosswalk,


Thanks for adding your voice to this conversation. I agree, marketing should be personalized and it should be easy for a marketer to set up the kind of personalization their customers and website visitors want (and the current workaround for what a by-topic blog subscription isn't very easy).


We in the content product group at HubSpot want to make big improvements the blog, and I think more flexible subscription setup should be (and probably will be) one of those things, but I don't know when. Since our teams are currently focused on other projects right now, I've marked this idea as "not currently planned" so you know what to expect. Emphasis on "currently"! This idea is not forgotten, and I or one of my colleagues will update this thread as soon as there's any movement on this. 


If you're open to chatting some more about the blog tool and what changes you'd like to see, please send me a message (same goes to anyone else reading this). I'd love to get on a Zoom call with you and talk about it 🙂 I could also then include you in future betas or user interviews if you're interested. 


- Snaedis 


We would also love to be able to implement a solution like this. Adding my name to the mix.


Add me to the list for wanting this feature. Seems like very basic functionality and just good marketing: only send people what they're interested in receiving.


@Snaedis I'm happy to discuss this in more detail and would love to be included in any future betas.