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Our company has one blog that covers a wide variety of topics and targets multiple audiences. Would love for our readers to be able to subscribe by topic, not just post frequency, to ensure they're only getting emails when content is posted that is directly relevant to them.

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Hi @jeanaberryman,


You would actually be able to accomplish this goal by setting up a custom RSS email via HubSpot


Indeed, the URLs for your blog topics can be formatted as RSS feed URLs. For instance, if you have a blog topic called Marketing, and the topic's URL is, then your RSS feed URL will be


One you have this URL, you can set up the process for your new RSS email (which you will treat as a subscription for an external blog) by following the instructions in this article: The process will include creating a new email type for this "new blog", a new contact property, and a new blog subscription form. When creating your RSS email, add your RRS-ified Topic URL in the RSS Feed URL field. Once all of this is done, your customers will be able to subscribe to that specific topic, and only receive blog subscription updates on said topic.


Let me know if you have any questions on the above, as I know that this is a bit of a complex topic! If this answer does in fact solve your problem, let me know, and I will move your post off of the Ideas board Smiley Happy





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Is it somehow possible to allow readers to subscribe to multiple topics and get only one notification email? From your answer May, it seems like we would need to set up one RSS email for each topic.

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@Shamash you are correct, with this workaround you would need to create one RSS email per topic; it would not be possible to include multiple topics into one RSS subscription email, as only one RSS feed can be included in one RSS email, and the process of creating an email that populates with the topics to which a contact has subscribed with each individual email is not something that would be possible in the tool.


Feel free to amend this idea if this is your ultimate goal, however!




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Guys, we need a better solution for that. i also have this problem, with more than 10 topics to be chosen from. We should be able to quickly set this feature. Any chance to put it in the roadmap?

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Agreed. Either make the blog feed usable for the digital experience of an individual who should get one email and not one per feed, or we have to find a different Blog approach. We bailed on WordPress for HubSpot to find ourselves with many limitations including the ability to add keywords in one past and not one at a time!

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Very important feature wish for us as well.

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All, Is this new feature available yet? Or, has a workaround been found that can handle multiple topic subscriptions?

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If you have some news about it, it will be awesome, I have got 40 types of interests and we didn't  create 40 blogs we just use tags and we want to create an automatic newsletter depending on visitor´s interest.


Has there been any movement on this? Our team would also find this very helpful (combining all topic subscriptions into one RSS email). 

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We need it too!

The described workaround is not a nice solution here

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We need this.  An RSS feed with separate emails is not a good solution.  Subscription by Tag would be ideal.

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Another Upvote here-  we should have the ability for personalisation within emails - the standard subscription model is very outdated

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We are one more customer that this would be valuable to. The RSS option isn't great.

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This is a crucial and quite basic functionality, can't believe Hubspot doesnt provide this! 

We're all about personalisation here and getting the right content to the right audience - this is an essential tool to make the personalisation happen! 

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Subscribing to blog categories is such a basic feature I can't believe it's not already included.

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Is there any update on this feature? It's critical to our company as well and would prefer to not be spamming a person with 3 emails if the 3 blog posts in one day happen to be topics they're interested in. Personalization - people prefer to just check boxes in their email/blog preferences to ensure they're only getting info relevant to them. Please let us know if this is in your roadmap already or being added to it!


We also have similar, a blog with multiple subscriptions.

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@hubspot Development: Is there any update on when the functionality to be able to customize blog subscriptions by topic/tag will get on the product roadmap? For such a progressive company that is all about the customer experience and customizing outreach to them, this is something I expected to be resolved a few years ago. We really need HubSpot to step up and make this option happen for all of those os us who value our blog, fresh content and custom prospect/customer touches. Thank you!

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Echoing what others have already expressed. We need one RSS signup that allows users to select the topics they want to receive articles for in a streamlined, user friendly experience. HubSpot is not catering to parent companies with its current offering.

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Hi Community members,


Thank you all for your feedback! Currently, you can set up RSS emails to deliver blog notifications by topic (see details from May (moonwebstrategy) in this post's comments). Since this can be done and it's a relatively infrequent request, I'm going to mark this idea as "not currently planned" - we're focusing our efforts on developing other features which can't otherwise be achieved in the tools today and which will have a high impact on many HubSpot customers. 


We're always re-evaluating priorities based on our customers' needs, so please continue to give us your feedback! It's quite possible this feature could be built in the future, but for now it's not planned. 

- Snaedis