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Blog listing, why there is a limit?

Hello community! 


I'm currently working on a blog listing page where I would like to list blog posts according to different variables that are stored in a module. It works in a way that the author selects the category of the blog posts and it will appear in the listing page under the correct category. But this functionality is not only limited to categories, there are other variables in the module that will change the order and/or location where the blog posts will be listed. In order to do this, I need to get all blog posts from the page and the display them according to this variable.


While checking Hubspot's documentation in order to implement this as effective as possible, I was surprised that the only two ways I found to list blog posts are:

- Using contents variable
- Using blog_recent_posts function (or other very similar functions like blog_popular_posts)


To my surprise, both functionalities have a limited number of blog posts displayed. Let me explain:


This function has a limit of only 200 articles, so the moment you have +200 articles, this is not useful for you. I understand that this is meant to return only the most recent ones and probably 200 blog posts is more than enough. But why 200? And why we cannot edit this limit like the variable contents that I will comment below? 🙂



The number of blog posts stored in this variable is set to 10 as default (as per my experience, please correct me if I'm wrong). I believe this is limited to help with pagination. I found out that this limit can be changed in the Settings of a page, but to my surprise it's also limited to less than blog posts.

Yes, I know it's a crazy number that probably 99.99% of the pages will not reach, but why there is not the possibility to set this to UNLIMITED? Why do we have to set a limit for this if what we might need is to get ALL blog posts from a page? What if one day a page has more blog posts than the limit? 


I just would like to understant the nature of these limits. I know it's not an important matter right now but I believe it can lead to a useful discussion in the community and hopefully to better ideas on how to improve this area.


Also, if there is a way to get ALL blog posts from a page that is not listed above and solve this "issue", please let me know! 😁


Thank you!

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I've never had a need to go past the largest limit for a blog listing, but it would certainly be nice to not be so limited with the blog functions. Even the API is limited to 300 so don't think there's anyway to surpass the limits without making multiple calls. I would imagine it has something to do with not putting too much of a burden on the server and for load speed?

This post would probably get more traction in the Ideas Forum and will more likely get noticed by Hubspot devs there.

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@albertsg ,

@amwilie is spot on with the server burden.  It is not arbitrary; however, possibly dated.  I have heard murmurs from the shadows about reevaluating this, but there is no ETA on it. 

And, if you put this in the ideas board, please do share a link back here.  The more upvotes you get, the more 👀's you will get on it and maybe the sun will shine on those shadows and the murmurs will become a song.  (I am pushing my luck with this metaphor 😀 )

I bet you will get a heck of a lot of upvotes.


***edit I think this post is defined enough to just be moved to the ideas board so I went ahead and did it 🤠


Thanks @dennisedson for moving this into the Ideas forum! 🙂

Hopefully we can get some upvotes and someone from your engineering team can give us more information about it.