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Blog featured images imported from Wordpress

Having just migrated to HubSpot I'm rather frustrated by the fact I have to manually add featured images to all my blog posts from Wordpress.


Its a relatively small blog but still I'm not looking forward to the task of having to do this 130+ times!


Could you write a plugin written for WordPress that could update the .xml export to include absolute links for featured images and then these be recognised in Hubspot as featured images and automatically inserted into the relevant post?





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Agree with this. This has become a very long and tedious process for myself and my client. Not only did the featured images not come through but also all images in each post are not aligned. Because of this, I will not be transferring my own blog to Hubspot as we have over 400 blog posts and would virtually be impossible to make all of these changes to make it look like the original site.

Please help make the transfer of the blog easier for hubspot partners and clients so they do not feel hesitant by the functionality of Hubspot and also doesn't add additional time to get things ready.


Its honestly ridiculous this tool isn't better. WordPress is 25% of the web. Its Open Source. The tools to make this happen already exist. There is literally no excuse not to execute. 


The problem is featured image XML data isn't included in export XML files, correct? Except that it IS included if you export everything, instead of just posts. Hubspot still doesn't import that data, so its really not a WordPress problem. Second, there are specific tools and plugins to export JUST the featured image XML, but Hubspot doesn't recognize those either. 


Lastly, lets not forget how structured data is going to change dramatically this year coming out of WordPress because of Gutenberg, meaning you'd have to address this anyways, meaning its downright malpractice not to do so in a meaningful way, which is to include featured image import. 


If you need help with resources in the WP community to make this happen, I will gladly do so. 

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yes. For the love of pete please


I've just, myself, stumbled upon this oddity in the export function. I might look at modifying it to output each post's featured image.


Incidentally, I think that the help documentation may be slightly misleading when it says: "The components of your blog that will be imported into HubSpot are: title, post body, URL, publish date, author, tags/categories, status, meta description, featured images, and comments. " (My bold.)

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I just imported over 125 blogs and now we have to go in and manually set the featured images. It is not hard but takes up so much valuable time when it has to be repeated this many times. I have a similar frustration when it comes to tags and the published status of the blogs. 


It would be great if I click a checkbox and bulk change the tags or turn on the featured images.


As well, when we discovered we would have to manually turn on the featured images we had the thought to unpublish our blogs and slowly update them as we have time. However, to unpublish our blogs we cannot check the checkbox and unpublish. To unpublish the blogs we would have to go one by one. 


There are several functions in the HubSpot blog portal that can be frustrating to use once there is a decent amount of blog in the portal. 

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Thanks for all the contributors here. I was just complaining about the Export tool of Hubspot when removing blogs from Hubspot and importing them into WordPress. Hubspot has made exporting even harder than the import.


Crazy that my complaint was in 2017 and they still haven't fixed it. I just imported 200 blogs and as you mention, the featured image still doesn't get attached, nor does tags etc. The time wasted to get a client blog ready on Hubspot is so frustrating!


I have a blog with WordPress and not getting enough traffic to my website.


I tried to upload a plugin from my HubSpot account to WordPress and the message says I must upgrade to a business plan.

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Almost November of 2019 and this is still an issue. 

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Agreed with RedBranchmedia...why is this still an issue? What do we need to do to make this issue be noticed?

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メンバー | Gold Partner

I have to manually add over 100 feature images for a client. Not fun. 

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This is crazy that it is still an issue considering this ticket went up in 2017.


I have been waiting over 6 weeks for Hubspot to fix the body images on my clients imported blogs and they still haven't fixed it! It is unacceptable.

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Hi folks,

We are currently in the process of overhauling our blog import tools and are specifically focused on making sure we solve this particular problem. As soon as the updated functionality goes into beta, I'll post an update here. 



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This is great! Are you also working on an overhaul for moving blogs on Hubspot back onto WordPress or other platforms? That is also greatly needed.


This is great! Are you also working on an overhaul for moving blogs on Hubspot back onto WordPress or other platforms? That is also greatly needed.


This is indeed something that's on our radar as well. From a priorities standpoint, we're currently focused more on content import, and less so on content export, but we understand this is a pain point, and definitely intend to make that experience better. Stay tuned!


Is there an update on this? I'd really love to see this feature. Migrating blogs with their featured images is a pretty essential feature.

ステータスに更新: In Beta

Hi all, 


We now have in beta an experimental tool that relies on web scraping to import blog posts into HubSpot from any CMS! 

This will require some technical know-how (basic familiarity with CSS) to use, if that sounds like you and you'd like to be ungated, please direct message me with your portal ID, thank you! 

ステータスに更新: Delivered

Hey folks!


This feature is now Delivered! There are now 4 ways to import you blog posts: WordPress Connect, Smart Copy, CSV file upload, and XML File Upload.


You can learn more here:




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