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Blog Topic categories

We would like a way to categorize our blog further beyond leveraging tags. 


We want to make it easier for site visitors to find blogs that are aligned to the service/line of business they are interested in.


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Most blogs have categories and tags. This is essential for me to create a positive user experience when users want to filter blogs. Please consider adding blog categories soon. Thanks!


Hi there, I totally agree! Would be super helpful if this will become a feature in Hubspot. I think lots of people would be very happy to use this.


Hi everyone, I would like to have this feature un Hubspot as well. It would provide the blog extra usability. Thanks


Agree! We sell to different categories of customers. They don't care to hear about the other side of the industry. Different blogs create too many things to keep track of.  We would love the ability to have categories such as: Plumbing, Electrical, Showroom, and Company News.

This seems to be something that can be coded alongside existing tags, so the foundation is there!


Is there any replace on this option? It's important to our agency as well and might favor to not be spamming someone with three emails if the three weblog posts in in the future appear to be topics they're inquisitive about.