Blog Post H1 Logic is Broken by Defaullt


The blog post default settings cause an error when attempting to optimize the blog post for having 2 H1's. This occurs when a page header is not set and the conditional statement from the header module applies a 'false' H1.


I added content to the header, an image and a custom menu, and am still receiving the double H1 error. I thought the code would recognize these and prevent the conditional logic, but it is not. 

It appears there is not an easy solution for this other than copying the module and selecting the new copied version without the conditional statement. 


Why is it setup like this? I am just trying to pass my certification and am trialing the Marketing product, this is alarming to me. I am a power user of Marketo (MCE) and have only used the Hubspot Sales CRM before. 

Please see screenshot of default module below:

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.28.01 PM.png

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