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Blog Listing Page: Adding New Template - Need Choice to Remove Older Modules

Hey there!


First, we can all agree that the new drag-n-drop Blog Listing page is pretty darn awesome.  However, attributing a brand new template to the Blog's Listing Page can use some real work.


The problem:

When moving to a new theme and attributing that theme's blog listing template to an existing HubSpot blog, the blog retains all its old modules from the prior template.


There is a dropdown (hidden) in the top right corner that allows you to only keep the older modules or add in the new modules with the older modules but not a way to replace the older modules entirely with the new modules.


This is a super confusing experience.


Potential Solution:

When attributing a new blog listing template a simple prompt that would allow someone to "Keep old modules" or "Keep old and new modules" or "Replace old modules with new modules" would be far more clear. Of course, it would need a little context around those options.


I get asked about this all the time so I know just how big of a UX issue it is.