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Blog Customization

I'm a bit disappointed by the level of customization for a blog, or rather lack of it.


We wanted to optimize how our blog looks and what we present to people by adding a Table of contents at the beginning, a bottom section with a call to action to subscribe to our blog and the ability to add lead magnets where needed on the page. 


I've communicated with a person who created the theme we are using, but he told us that the customization I am talking about is not possible to create as Hubspot put limitations on development side to do this for a blog template.


Interestingly, Hubspot blog have some of these sections in their blog, but don't provide these features to their users.

On Hubspot blog:
Table of contents:

Bottom section with CTA:


I think it would be a great addition to the blog section and all Hubspot users will benefit a lot from more customization options.