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You should be able to list multiple authors on a blog!

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In Planning
November 21, 2022 12:18 PM

Hi Community members, 


Thank you all for your patience. Earlier this year I notified you that we would have this feature on the roadmap for this year. This is not the update I wanted to share but unfortunately, we have decided to deprioritize at this time due to a larger effort. Our current focus is building out the drag-and-drop functionality in the blog post editor. I do not have a new date for this feature but a few workarounds that have worked for some users are:


  1. Add the author names in the rich text area to state the additional contributors and hyperlink their names.
  2. Create an author labeled “Multiple Contributors” and include their names in the description

I know it is not ideal, but we continue to have this on our radar and will update you as soon as this is ready for BETA. You are more than welcome to reach out to me with any questions.





In Planning
August 15, 2022 10:34 AM

Hi Community members,


Thanks again for submitting this feedback. I understand you have been waiting for this feature for a while now. Our team is now working on adding this feature to our priorities and hopefully deliver this by the end of this year.  I'm labeling this idea as "In Planning" to reflect that. 


Thank you for your patience, and if you have any additional feedback or want to discuss further feel free to send me a message and I'll be glad to schedule a quick chat.


- Yaisah, Blog Product Manager

Not Currently Planned
April 13, 2020 07:02 AM

Hi Community members,


Thank you for submitting this feedback. I agree, this would be a good feature for the Blog. At this time, we are focused on other projects to improve the blog and the larger content management experience in HubSpot, so I'm labeling this idea as "not currently planned" to reflect that. This does not mean we won't ever build this feature -- in fact, I think we eventually will -- but I do want you to know it's not planned for the foreseeable future. 


We're always re-evaluating our priorities to deliver the most value to our customers, and I know this feature will be considered for future updates. We'll update this idea if and when plans change to include multiple Blog authors. 


Thank you for your patience, and please keep the feedback coming!


- Snaedis 

92 Replies

It's necessary for us.


We have a lot of article which are co-authored, so this feature will be super useful


Yes please!!


Can we please make this happen! It shouldnt be so hard and many of our blog posts are co-authored. 


Could not agree more. It's absurd that this functionality doesn't exist already.


Agree as well - I do wonder why such a basic feature does not exist and only a horrible work around is possible.

Support also can also only pinpoint to this entry here.


+1! It would be really nice to be able to include multiple authors on a blog post.


This would be great to have since more and more blogs will be done as collaboration.


This feature is necessary for our blog and is angering our co-authors. Please fix this!


Definetely missing. I would use it for blog posts, security advisory posts, and events posts for the listing of speakers going on stage. We need this.


Most of our blog posts involve a lot of collaboration and it would be ideal to include multiple post authors. Not having the option creates awkward situations where one person gets all the credit for work that involved others. It seems like a minor level of effort to add this capability. 

Member | Partner

I agree this would be so useful. Especially when a client "co-authors" with one of our internal experts.


+1. This feels important.


Co-authoring an article is pretty common, so I'm surprised to see that adding multiple authors to a blog post isn't a feature. Hopefully that changes in the near future! 




It would be great if we could add more than one author on blog post's information!


This would be absolutely major! Our authors work in teams of two and if only one gets credited, it's a shame. Would love to get this fixed soon. COME ON, HUBSPOT! You can do it. 

Participant | Platinum Partner

I agree that adding more authors to a blog post would be great! Sometimes writing a blog post is teamwork and as people already stated, it's a shame that only one can get a credit for it. Please, make it possible to add more than one blog post author. 


Multiple people routinely collaborate (generating content, giving ideas, reviewing, etc.) to pull a blog together. It is appropriate to be able to include the key contributors.  


Being able to list them as authors also helps incentivize them to participate.


Please consider adding this capability.

Thank you.


yes please