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You should be able to list multiple authors on a blog!

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I'd like to suggest adding the ability to have two authors for a blog post. We have a few co-authored blog posts coming up and there is currently not a way to add more than one author.

Thank you!

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I contacted HubSpot support regarding this exact idea.  The following was their suggested solution.

"At the moment it's not possible to have 2 blog authors to one post. As a workaround, you could add additional text to the post to state the additional contributors and hyperlink their names. This will make it visually similar to the name of the blog author."


I work for a CPA firm and am in charge of implementing a new firm-wide team marketing effort where we're teaching our staff to develop themselves as thought leaders.  It's therefore important to us that all our contributing staff can be listed as authors on the posts the co-author.  I'm hoping this becomes an option in the near future. 

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I agree. In the legal field, the norm is to have multi-authors per article. It is also important for lawyers to be properly attributed online. It seems as this should/could be an easy update for HubSpot to make!

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We really need this too. Hope HubSpot will act on this soon. Thanks!

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Yes, this is a great idea! Most CMS support this functionality so it would be amazing for Hubspot to also support this! 


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I'm also interested in a feature that allows visitors to view an author's posts AND have the multi-author post featured as well. For example, we have individual authors who regularly write content. However, we just recently had our investment team write a post together. When a visitor goes to look at Andy's blog posts, they will currently only see the posts written by him, individually. Instead, it'd be great if they could also see the investment team post that he was part of.

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It's a bit startling that HubSpot doesn't support this yet, since it's a pretty basic function in other CMSs, as others have noted. 


I reached out ot HubSpot Support seeking a workaround, and got this reply: "At this time, it is not possible to list multiple authors on a single blog post. What you might do in this instance as a workaround is create an additional author profile labeled "Technical Team" or something similar to denote that this was a group collaboration." Unfortunately, this suggestion won't work for us, as it is important to us give credit to specific individuals and build their reputation as thought leaders, as others have mentioned here too.


If anyone comes up with a hack or custom code/module to accomplish this, I'd love to know!

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I agree, this will be very useful. We often have blog posts with multiple authors. Because we cannot list multiple authors, we have to use a generic "various team members" as the authors and then list them in the text box of the blog post. This does not allow these types of posts to show up on their author page.

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this would be great! many of our blog posts are co-authored and it always feels bad that only one of them gets all the kudos. 

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We need this as well! If anyone has figured out a workaround, please let me know! I hope HubSpot adds this feature soon. It is difficult to explain to authors why they are not getting credit under their profiles.