Blocking IP Addresses for form fills

It would be great if you could block certain IP addresses from form fills. I know you can block email domains or filter IP addresses for traffic but would be great to block certain IP's from downloading content. Eliminates the possibility of competitors looking at clients' content.

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Yes -  agree - blocking IPs is a necessary feature Hubspot users need - 

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Hello, have you tried blocking the ip addresses from accessing a particular URL?

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For a very short period of time, I was able to view contacts IP addresses in HubSpot - then I added those to a custom workflow I put together. Anytime the IP address was associated to a recent form submission, my workflow would immediately pull that contact/deal/company out of any pending workflows. Unfortunately IP addresses are no longer available. 


I also put together a similar workflow with three custom field properties. 1) Deactivate Contact, 2) Deactivate Deal, 3) Deactivate Company. We use this for prospective spam clients and current clients who we will no longer do business with. 


Whenever any of these are marked yes, it adds the contact to the workflow, pulls the contact/deal out of any HubSpot workflows, and keeps them permanently in the Deactivated Workflow. If the contact then tries to submit another form, no interactions will happen with this contact and they will be placed in a black hole loop. If the contact tries to use another email and does not clear cookies, the email will be associated to the current contact, therefore placing that email also in a black hole. This works pretty well, except if a contact catches on, clears cookies, and/or uses a different computer, etc. 


Ideally, can we just have IP addresses in HubSpot again? 

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+1 plus what @mreyes mentioned about blocking specific countries with IP from willing out a form.