Block free email providers from bots

Just what title says, we don't want gmail, emails come through our bot. only valid business email addresses.

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Just reading through the Messages help article and I was wondering if you could add an option to block free email providers from submitting their email before chatting to us?


"Collect visitor's email address: select this option to prompt the visitor to provide their email address before they receive a reply from you. They will then be created as a contact."


Just like we do not send our content to free or spam email addresses when they submit one of our forms/lead flows, we would not want to have these free email providers contacts chat to us, only actual business employees.





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Agreed! I was surprised that this wasn't included. 

Would like to have similar functionality like when an email is submitted in a form - control over who is notified, what emails we accept, and what followup actions occur.

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Love this idea. 

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Agreed, I was on to HubSpot today about this. Just starting using the bots and love it. However, we have had a few spam leads using free webmail, so if we could block them like we can in a HubSpot form it would be fantastic.




We need this feature, please implement!

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Would also like to see this feature added.

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Yes, upvote this idea. Would also be great to limit chat being displayed based on IP geo-tagging so chat windows aren't displayed to traffic outside our target markets.