Block free email providers from bots


Just what title says, we don't want gmail, emails come through our bot. only valid business email addresses.

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Just reading through the Messages help article and I was wondering if you could add an option to block free email providers from submitting their email before chatting to us?


"Collect visitor's email address: select this option to prompt the visitor to provide their email address before they receive a reply from you. They will then be created as a contact."


Just like we do not send our content to free or spam email addresses when they submit one of our forms/lead flows, we would not want to have these free email providers contacts chat to us, only actual business employees.






Agreed! I was surprised that this wasn't included. 

Would like to have similar functionality like when an email is submitted in a form - control over who is notified, what emails we accept, and what followup actions occur.


Love this idea. 


Agreed, I was on to HubSpot today about this. Just starting using the bots and love it. However, we have had a few spam leads using free webmail, so if we could block them like we can in a HubSpot form it would be fantastic.




We need this feature, please implement!


Would also like to see this feature added.


Yes, upvote this idea. Would also be great to limit chat being displayed based on IP geo-tagging so chat windows aren't displayed to traffic outside our target markets. 


Once can filter it out with an If then branch.

Visitor's response
contains any part of, ....

Next action
<<put an error message and call the "Email" action again>>


Personally, I believe this is a must-have. HS has already added this functionality elsewhere in the product. I can block free emails from forms, how are conversations different?


Think about all the businesses wanting to use bots to book demos. What salesperson is going to be pumped to give a demo blind to a contact? The company domain adds a ton of value to the sales process. I'm really surprised this isn't in hs-conversations. 


WHO is the feature for?

Salespeople - business development


WHAT product/tool does it improve?

HubSpot Messages


What is the GOAL?

Qualification: increase lead quality, decrease time wasted 


How would this add VALUE?

It would save the sales team some serious time and transfer value directly back to the user who's given up their *SUPER-SECRET* business email address. It would give them a leg up on getting to knowing who the company is. It would technically provide the website. It would give the salesperson a jumpstart on searching LinkedIn for this person. would be a complete waste. is better. Buyers expect really personalized demos and experiences. They're always going to try to through that Gmail address at a salesperson without really considering how that puts their demo experience at a disadvantage. I'd much prefer to have the user give the business email over the free email. 100% every time. 


Do you have any EXAMPLES (other products / diagrams / screenshots)

Drift gives users this ability. I can specifically enter all free emails as an invalid domain and cycle the question back to the email capture. 


We need this feature as well. Please implement.


Definitely would benefit from this feature as well!


Agreed. When we are able to do it in forms, then we should be able to do it in Conversations also.

There should be a central place for domain suppression also. Like I wouldn't want my competition also to be able to interact with anything.

So if added their domain to a central blocklist - they could get blocked from Conversations, Forms, Emails, Marketing contacts and everything Hubspot - solely because they will never convert into business. So makes no sense spending time and efforts on it.


Totally agreed. We need this feature. Please implement.