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Block free email providers from Lead Flows

Migrated from legacy feedback forum with 10 votes.


Since we can block free email providers and certain domains from filling out other forms in HubSpot, it would be great if the Lead Flow forms could also block those.

Regular Contributor

Heartily agree with this!

New Contributor

Absolutely agree. This would significantly help us improve the quality of our leads as a B2B company.

New Contributor

Agree! Being able to block gmail, hotmail, outlook etc. would greatly improve the quality of leads for our business.

Regular Contributor

The work-around we've found for this is via setting up a workflow with the lead flow submission as a trigger. We run it through and check the email address isn't from a free provider. If it is we send an email to the customer asking them to reapply with a business email address. Otherwise, the content gets emailed over to them directly.


Hope this helps until we have a nice tickbox to select. 

New Contributor

 Thanks, Dan! We'll try this out.

New Contributor

I would love to see this! Also enabling some template options for the leadins would be fantastic. At the moment they're pretty limited in their sizing/appearance. I would like to keep using them as they are part of HS, and adding a leadin from an outside plugin would be a bit more effort. 

New Member

Yes- being able to block free email users on Lead Flow would simplify things a lot for us! We are using Lead Flow simply as a step to get to a Landing Page to collect a sufficient amount of data and the fact alone that it produces a new contact in HubSpot is challenging enough!