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Block creation of contacts from specific domains

I would very much appreciate if HubSpot had the option of not automatically creating contacts from specific domains such as ours company's own. This makes us create list of the employees registered on HubSpot in order to not target them on marketing campaings and not only that, if your company has a lot of people who interact with HubSpot, maybe this will restrict the amount of contacts you have left to add, or even make you spend more time cleaning contatct's database in order to not reach the amount your Hubspot plan allows you to, and have to pay more for it without the real necessity. 

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I have been looking and looking for this through the settings... how is this not a thing?  With how Hubspot functions, I cannot for the life of me understand how this is not an option.  Looking back through multiple requests for this, it looks like people have been asking for this for 4 years, maybe more.

Hubspot, fix this please! 🙂


This would be a great value to me as well! Time saver!