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Block User from Chat

The chat function is a great way to allow our website visitors to get in touch with us quickly and conveniently, but it is also a tool that can be abused by the few mal-intentioned indivuals we see on our sites. Whether they believe the individual they are interacting with is a bot, or they are simply violating professional decorum, there should be a function to ban a user or an IP address from the chat frunction, either permanently or for a specified duration of time. 


LiveChat Inc is a software I have used in the past that has this function, which works quite nicely. I would love to see this implemented in Hubspot in the future. 

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Sometimes these mal intentioned individuals leave malware-infested codes on the website and compromise the security and uptime of the website. So it's necessary that this feature is brought to the fore and made available to users as fast as possible.

HubSpot Employee

I believe this functionality would eleviate tons of friction for all HubSpot customers that use the chat functionality. While we can add these malicious contacts to a 'filtered' inbox, I believe that it would be more beneficial to be able to prevent the chat window from appearing at all for certain contacts, or for HubSpot to be able to simply refuse contacts from certain IP addresses or with certain emails from chatting in at all. 


Hi I think it would be beneficial to block internal employee IP addresses from loading the chat box, similiar to the IP blocking feature in Hubspot Analytics. We don't want our internal employees to be able to interact through chat. 


Great idea. We had an issue at work when we received spam from both outside and inside the company. It would be great if we could check the IP-address to take away the "tension".


Would be great if we could block free email providers from using the bot and chat. That would do it for us


We need this too. 

completely unprofessional and insulting things are being said to my female employees.

This is kind of a no-brainer, and not just a good idea but CRITICAL to make staff feel safe.


IP blocking tool would be great to ensure extra layer of security on Live Chat. We've been targeted and it's not only disruptive but also makes me feel very vulnerable about website security.

HubSpot Product Team

Thank you so much for the feedback! We are taking a look at blocking chat users and addressing the experiences raised here. We hope to incorporate it into our 2021 plans and I will share an update here when we have a more specific sense of timing.


This would be great to have as a feature.


We are an education company and we get a number of students logging into our website chat and sending us spam and wasting our time. Would really appreciate some type of blocking feature to filter out these chats. 


It would be helpful if the visitor's IP was captured and shown in the chatbox. I can block it, or track it, etc. myself. This should be an easy edit for hubspot to do.  I have gone in the Raw Visitor Access log and located the malicious IP but it takes time. Sometimes I have to sort through 100's of IP's to locate the one visiting a specific page at a specific time to locate the bad visitor. I have seen other ChatBoxes that already do this.  Unfortunately they do not sync with hubspot.





Is there a further update to this? IP tracking and filtering would be very valuable and the last update is from December 2020. 


We'd really like this feature too. My sales team likes to only have business addresses and we're finding chat is quite active.


Would like to see an option to limit maybe a chat to 1x day per visitor?  We don't mind assisting guests, but when they chat with us every day, sometimes up to 7-8x a day (no joke), it's unfair to others who are waiting. Also our employees are becoming their personal assistants. 




This is a great idea - we have a pest that is causing us lot of trouble!


Blocking malicious users is a very important feature but preventing the use of malicious language should be part of the functionality too. Trolls can create an email and route their IP to get around blocks but we should be able to prevent them completing forms/chatting with at least the most common swear-words.


This feature is very needed for our team.  As others have mentioned, we would like to be able to block by IP address. 


Disappointing to see no update on this in a year. Very important feature for making employees comfortable with their job. Unacceptable that someone can just keep starting a new conversation to harass our employees and all I can tell them is "keep blocking them after you get sent all this inappropriate information" 


Would be better if this is implemented soon.