Block Specific Email Domains in Chatbot

I would like the ability for Bots to filter out email addresses based on their domain (such as gmail, yahoo, etc.). Ideally, it would work the same way that forms and pop-up forms allow for blocking specific email domains. This would be helpful to our B2B organization, as we prefer to collect business email addresses only.

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This is extremely important to restrict a user from entering incorrect or personal email id's or getting spammed by bots. We are facing a huge issue post the implementation of chatbots as we see a growing number of users providing false email id's.


I would also like to add this idea here as it's related to chatbots. 

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I would love to have this option since we are in the B2B market. We offer benefits for companies and our target are HR professionals. Sometiments their employees book a meeting with the Sales team by using personal emails. Today, one user booked several meetings with a personal email - this is a bad thing because it's blocking the schedule of our Sales rep.

This tool should have the same option we have on forms to block those emails.


Hope they can add this to the tool soon.

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This is a great idea.  Also it would be great if the chat bot could respond and ask for the work email.