Birthday/Anniversary Date Picker Customization

Currently, when using a date field in Workflows or Lists, it is impossible to ignore the year for annually recurring events (such as a birthday or anniversary). This leads to problems when wanting a create a list of contacts with birthdays within the next # days because HubSpot will only look into the next # days of the current year. If we were able to insert a wildcard for the year or only choose month and day, that would solve the issue.


Thank you!

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This would be sooo useful! Please can this be looked into. Thank you.

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Same problem here. We would love to keep the birthdates of clients inside. But getting the year of them is horrible!!!

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YES!!! We are switching over from another CRM system and running a monthly birthday list of clients appears to be a basic function that appears to be extremely difficult and cumbersome to achieve in HubSpot!

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Creating a birthday field is also extremely tedious in Hubspot, as you need to scroll through every month to go back each year. The date selector should allow you to select a day, month, and year without having to do this. We'd like for it to be a dropdown, and need to be able to use the data (so it should be something more than a simple text field).

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This should be a standard for CRM, hopefully Hubspot can make it happen

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Yes!! My team needs this, as this is something that currently takes a lot of work, and it should easy.

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We need this feature ASAP - being able to thank our customers for their birthday/anniversary month is low hanging fruit for customer service. Please bring some attention to this feature and let us know when it is live. 

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That would be helpful to manage workflows around renewal dates


(Create deal, send invoice, etc.)

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Need this to be done!

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Yes! We constantly have contacts submitting their birthday as the current year!