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Bing Ads Integration

We need a bing ads integration ASAP. You have google ads integrated, it would really be helpful to have the same interface with Bing ads so we can monitor traffic and conversions down to the Keyword level on our Bing campaigns. 


How long until that integration is up and running, you are integrated with LinkedIn, this doesn't make sense, put some energy towards Bing please. 

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October 01, 2021 06:54 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Hollis from the HubSpot team and I'm hoping to provide some clarity on this post's status. First off, thank you to everyone who continues to bring attention to this Idea-seeing what features users are passionate about is extremely helpful for our product teams. We understand that this is a feature that is important to many of you, and appreciate your patience as we find the best path forward. That being said, we agree a Bing Ads Integration would be a huge win and our team is exploring how it can be implemented in the coming year. Per usual, any and all news about this feature request will be communicated in this thread! Best, Hollis

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June 08, 2020 01:05 PM

Hi folks,


I’m Katie, the Senior Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool. Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating if this Idea is feasible and, if so, how our team will implement it. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!




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September 20, 2017 01:30 AM

Hi @paulTurboTenant thank you for your post. 


At this time HubSpot does not plan to build an integration for Bing ads. With that said, the HubSpot Community can still vote and comment on this feature request for our Product Teams to evaluate and determine demand. 

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Hi @paulTurboTenant thank you for your post. 


At this time HubSpot does not plan to build an integration for Bing ads. With that said, the HubSpot Community can still vote and comment on this feature request for our Product Teams to evaluate and determine demand. 


As a follow-up we really do need a way to support bing ads. The only solution I can think of to tell when someone comes in via bing directly is to set specific landing pages and thank you pages for only bing ads, but that is quite an undertaking.


Has anything changed since the last post on this?


Let me tag along on this thread and voice my opinion on why such a feature would be of utmost importance for the HubSpot team.


As a Marketing guy, I would love to use HubSpot for the all-in-one tool for all things marketing. Being able to integrate Bing while also having Google would make me spend the additional license fee to have it both work from within HubSpot.


I think many others are on the same page as I am. Numerous features that aren't available in HubSpot make it an okay tool, but with a few tweaks, HubSpot could take over the marketing world by storm.


Integrating Bing would be one of these things. It's a must.


WE are lookign for Bing ads integration too.


Hi ,


we have just started to set up Hubspot.... so far it is very dispointing as a marketing tool.

Bing advert tracking is essental to calculating a true picture of advertising spend

Currently it only tracks a 3rd of our marketing advertising activity we are a B2B company and linkedIn and Bing make up a massive part of our lead gen activity

It cant track an awful lot of items with out having to set up lots of individual bespoke URLs .

Twitter ads

 LinkedIn ads

Bing ads

Google my business ads


On another note the google analytics pull through is fairly pointless/useless , as there is no secondary filters ie:  you can't pull through source/ medium, network domains, url track  or  goal reporting.. 




A Bing Ads integration would be abolsutely amazing in helping our team visualize all of our ad campaigns in one tool. The same goes for calulating ROI in one place.

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Another vote for Bing ads integration (which would include Yahoo and Duck-Duck-Go - the only search engine I use).


Big YES to ad integrations!





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Also YES to Bing Ads integration. 

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that yould be awesome!


Another YES to Bing Ads integration


Yes please


Give us a BING integration, please!


Can we please make this happen? Bing is a major search engine and their API would make this easy for HubSpot to deploy


Yes, we definitely need Bing Ads integrated...if for nothing else other than reporting purposes! 


Yes, I agree with the many contributors to this thread that a Bing Ads integration is needed.  It's way more important than a LinkedIn integration in my experience.  Hubspot, please add a Bing Ads integration!


Having to report Bing ad traffic as direct traffic through Hubspot is not very efficient. I vote for prioritization.


Yes! Google + Bing visibility needs to be together to compare cost per contact, cost per deal, etc. 


This is definitely needed! Bing Ads should have a native integration with HubSpot if this is to truly be an all in one marketing platform since more brands are starting to turn to this ad platform. This thread goes back over 2 years. @roisinkirby any updates? With 44 upvotes and 19 replies, has that crossed the threshold of demand for your Product Teams?