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Bing Ads Integration

We need a bing ads integration ASAP. You have google ads integrated, it would really be helpful to have the same interface with Bing ads so we can monitor traffic and conversions down to the Keyword level on our Bing campaigns. 


How long until that integration is up and running, you are integrated with LinkedIn, this doesn't make sense, put some energy towards Bing please. 

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January 12, 2024 06:19 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m Varun, the Associate Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit and interact with this Idea. I wanted to provide an update on the status of this idea.


Adding a Bing Ads integration is absolutely on a list of things we’d like to do. However, this work is a huge lift and the list of other priorities is long and resources are limited. We're continuing to investigate this project, evaluating if the work is feasible and how our team should implement this.


Again, any news about this feature request will be communicated on this thread, so stay tuned!

August 01, 2023 01:15 PM

Hi y'all,


I’m Varun, the Associate Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit and interact with this Idea. We 100% agree that a Bing Ads integration is important. We are currently reviewing the feasibility of this Idea as a team and how we plan on implementing it. 


Again, any news about this feature request will be communicated on this thread, so stay tuned!

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October 01, 2021 06:54 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Hollis from the HubSpot team and I'm hoping to provide some clarity on this post's status. First off, thank you to everyone who continues to bring attention to this Idea-seeing what features users are passionate about is extremely helpful for our product teams. We understand that this is a feature that is important to many of you, and appreciate your patience as we find the best path forward. That being said, we agree a Bing Ads Integration would be a huge win and our team is exploring how it can be implemented in the coming year. Per usual, any and all news about this feature request will be communicated in this thread! Best, Hollis

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June 08, 2020 01:05 PM

Hi folks,


I’m Katie, the Senior Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool. Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating if this Idea is feasible and, if so, how our team will implement it. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!




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September 20, 2017 01:30 AM

Hi @paulTurboTenant thank you for your post. 


At this time HubSpot does not plan to build an integration for Bing ads. With that said, the HubSpot Community can still vote and comment on this feature request for our Product Teams to evaluate and determine demand. 

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Is there any hack to actually be able to track Bing Leads without integrating Bing into HubSpot?

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Hi @VAizenshtein 


You could just create UTM codes in HubSpot and use those on your Bing ads if you wanted to do that.

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Any update on this @hollisbhub ?


To echo my fellow marketers here, this is a very critical piece for many of us and not having it leads to a lot of unnecessary work. 


Absolutely! It's so frustrating to only be able to report on new leads from "paid search" and not be able to discriminate between Google and Microsoft/Bing ads. This is very necessary! Thanks.


I hope this arrives soon.  We are a b2b company and Bing is a key part of our acquisition strategy, as previously it has shown to be a great source of potential leads from clients.  I know we can track performance via UTMs, but it would be much easier if we can put out the campaigns via the ads dashboard, simultaneously across all of our main channels. 


@NicoleSengers - I'm struggling trying to figure out how to use Google Analytics UTM codes to discern between Google and Microsoft/Bing contacts. I mean, all our landing pages are tagged with Google Analytics parameters, but how can I see that data in HubSpot? It doesn't show up in any of the "original source" properties. Thank you!

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bing ads tracking yes please


I am all for supporting the Bing ads integration!


We advertising on Google, Facebook, and Bing and I would like a "one-stop shop" to manage all of my platforms. 


Hubspot team - PLEASEEEE find a way to integrate Bing ads! 🙏

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+1 - shocked frankly that this thread is now several years old. That a mainstream ad channel doesn't natively integrate is very surprising. As far as I can see it's not the only one either, with only Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn being available. Means the standard reports for tracking paid search/social are missing a chunk of data and effectivly redundant.


@hollisbhub @katie_koenig 
Any update on the timeline for the BING Ads intergration Hollis & Katie?


Any update on the Bing integration?  It seems like this has been an open request for a few years now.




We plan to spend 10% budget on Bing. If 10% data is incorrect, we won't be able to make decisions.

This is absolutely required. Please consider this request.


yes please


Please add Microsoft Ads integration with HubSpot in the same way Google Ads is integrated. This would be very useful for tracking purposes. 


@hollisbhub can we have an update on this? It's going to be 5 years since this post was created? Half a decade is a loooong time to analyise something...


This is now extremely important for us, especially now Netflix has partnered with MS to offer an ad-supported subscription plan.


+1. We really need this integration.