Bing Ads Integration

We need a bing ads integration ASAP. You have google ads integrated, it would really be helpful to have the same interface with Bing ads so we can monitor traffic and conversions down to the Keyword level on our Bing campaigns. 


How long until that integration is up and running, you are integrated with LinkedIn, this doesn't make sense, put some energy towards Bing please. 

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Microsoft Advertising integration is needed! Without the connection within HubSpot, it doesn't make sense to manage some ads within the HubSpot platform and some ads outside of it. Defeats the purpose of the central hub.

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Same here we need it ! 

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Agreed! We need this!

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Agreed.  I am surprised HubSpot has not built this integration yet.  Bing has a 19.7% target share of all searches, so it is a MUST have integration. 

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We are spending more on Bing and Linkedin Ads compared to google now. So we need to track it

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Seems this thread is almost 2 1/2 years old and HubSpot hasn't made any movement in that direction nor has @roisinkirby followed up with any of us except in 2017. Perhaps we need to kick this up to someone with authority. Perhaps the HubSpot CTO and Co-Founder, @dharmesh can address this or let us go on about this for another 2 1/2 years.

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Bing has really upgraded their audience ad targeting options making this previously outdated platform a real contributor in our B2B marketing efforts. We are tracking excellent form submissions but would like to track them through hubspot to show digital marketing value. Please, please, please consider creating a Bing integration. Bing has improved so it's worth the time for Hubspot to put the effort into the integration.

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another up-vote from me on Bing Ads integration, tracking only FB, Google and LinkedIn means we're stuck in outside tools and spreadsheets to merge everything together Smiley Sad