Bing Ads Integration

We need a bing ads integration ASAP. You have google ads integrated, it would really be helpful to have the same interface with Bing ads so we can monitor traffic and conversions down to the Keyword level on our Bing campaigns. 


How long until that integration is up and running, you are integrated with LinkedIn, this doesn't make sense, put some energy towards Bing please. 

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that yould be awesome!

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Another YES to Bing Ads integration

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Yes please

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Give us a BING integration, please!

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Can we please make this happen? Bing is a major search engine and their API would make this easy for HubSpot to deploy

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Yes, we definitely need Bing Ads integrated...if for nothing else other than reporting purposes! 

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Yes, I agree with the many contributors to this thread that a Bing Ads integration is needed.  It's way more important than a LinkedIn integration in my experience.  Hubspot, please add a Bing Ads integration!

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Having to report Bing ad traffic as direct traffic through Hubspot is not very efficient. I vote for prioritization.

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Yes! Google + Bing visibility needs to be together to compare cost per contact, cost per deal, etc. 

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This is definitely needed! Bing Ads should have a native integration with HubSpot if this is to truly be an all in one marketing platform since more brands are starting to turn to this ad platform. This thread goes back over 2 years. @roisinkirby any updates? With 44 upvotes and 19 replies, has that crossed the threshold of demand for your Product Teams?