Better workflows (e.g Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, AutoPilotHQ)

We really need HubSpot to step up their game on workflows.

Currently, I have 3 products, and for each product, I need to put a user on a different workflow...

Inside of each workflow, I need to take 3 paths depending on what status you are in.


The process for making an email for use in a workflow is pretty bad... you constantly have to jump out of workflows to write an email or try to make them all first (what I try to do - but email organization is also a huge mess).

This whole process appears that it would benefit from someone at HubSpot actually observing how we try to use workflows to market with messaging to specific groups of users.

Right now, Infusionsoft is far superior... even the budget system of ActiveCampaign has a better process... 

The workflow process needs to be better, perhaps graphical and easier to work in batches... the in and out of trying to set it up right now is torturous if you have much work to do... 


I'd be happy to spend some time on the phone showing how the process is disjointed if that would help.

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