Better view of tasks for target accounts


We currently have an excel tracker for target accounts which we run down every couple of days to ensure we're communicating, following up and focusing BD resource.


One of the good things about an excel tracker is that it's fast. No moving in and aout of different screens. It would be great if on the new ABM target accounts page, was a view of how many tasks for an account, which i could click on and open in a new window and review (even better if i can see recently completed too)


This then kills the isolated excel tracker and helps drive more consistent use of CRM for target accounts

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I love that I can sort the list of Target Accounts by "No open tasks" but I would also love a way to quickly view what open tasks we have for Target Accounts that DO have open tasks associated with a Target Accounts company


Would love an easy way to view tasks from the Target Accounts page.  Without having to click thru to the actual company page.


Even better... if we could create a new task from that same Tasks view pane inside the Account Overview slide out from the Target Accounts page.