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Better use for the "Is Known" property test in workflow enrollments

Here's a happy item to add to this discussion board - one that doesn't seem to involve any new and radical development effort, just better documentation.


I was tearning my hair out recently trying to monitor a Deal object for changes made - which would then trigger a workflow. The options for trying to do property/date comparisions to enrollment triggers are maddeningly different in Contact, Company and Deal workflow (subjetc of a fture post probably) and are fundamentally limited when it comes to re-enrollment support. 


Imagine my surprise when a dialog with HubSpot support turned up a pretty simple solution to my true challenge. It seems that the "Is Known" test for any property gets triggered and re-triggered whenever the value of that property changes. So it's possible to make a workflow for a Deal, for example, that is enrolled immediately and repeatedly for any updates to the values of Close date, Forecast amount, etc. in any combination!


This is simple and brilliant - a game changer for me at least - yet seemingly not mentioned in any knowledge base document or on this community site (last time I checked). Let's try and change that - and make our workflows that much more flexible and powerful. Kudos to the development team for making that possible!

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I also accidentally discovered this and I wasn't sure how it did it, but it did seem to constantly work as trigger- so reading this has made me 100% confident to keep using it. It is very nice of you sharing it with the Community Steve!