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I have two domains set up in my hubspot account for two different retail banners. We have an online chat team that is currently divided by banner, so they only chat with customers from one of the banners. Right now, I can report on # of chats by banner because i can report based on the unique team that is taking the chats. However, we are going to start having the entire chat team work both banners. Thus, they are no long on separate 'teams'. Under this new scenario, I can no longer report on the number of chats by banner because hubspot has no way to segment the chats. I thought I could use the property 'Conversation Website URL' given the domains are different, but there's no option to filter by just URL 'contains'...only 'contains exactly'. Frustrating.  If I could just filter the URLs based on a unique word, the problem would be solved.

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Hello @Aborsk ,


Kirsten here from Support. I came across your post while researching another question. Do I understand correctly that you have different chatflows set up that display on the different domains. You may have already explored the below options and excluded these based on what data you are looking to show exactly (or they may not be available depending on the hub you are using) but I wanted to suggest the following. 


There is a report available in the reports library called "Chat volume by chatflow". This allows you to show the volume by chatflow. You can edit it in the builder to use additional filters  (e.g. the name of a particular chatflow if you only want to show that one, create date, conversations owner). This is what it looks like (it's not showing data as this is from my test account).

Chat volume by Chatflow.png


A second option would be to connect the different chatflows to separate conversations inboxes (more on this here). While the inbox connected to a chatflow cannot be changed once the chatflow is set up, you could clone the existing chatflows and connect them to a different inbox.

Clone pop-up.png   








That way, you could filter the conversations based on the Inbox they went into using the "Inbox" filter in the reports.


I hope this helps.  If you have additional question about this, please feel free to contact us in support.


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