Better results page for searching Notes

With the newly implemented ability to extend searching to Notes (thanks!), the next step would be to make the results easier to sift through.


Currently you can search through Notes, emails, etc. using the search bar at the very top of the screen. The results pane is quite small and only useful if you have a very specific keyword you're looking for (if there are 50+ results for [keyword] in a Note, much less useful).


Additionally, the ability to report on Notes (e.g. number of Notes with [keyword] mentioned) would be quite useful - here's an existing Idea submission for reporting on Notes.

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I still cannot figure out how to search emails, notes, or logs.  When I search in the top bar, I can only find contacts, companies, or deals.  Can someone enlighten me?

Occasional Contributor

 I can only see a few deals that have the keyword I search in the notes. When I click "See More", it brings be to a results page that doesn't include the deals that were in the preview....

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Trying to search back through my company's Hubspot account for a particular product that we sell. Many references to this product are in notes and I currently can't see all references to this product as the search bar limits me to 8 or so results. There is no option to expans and view all references which is incredibly frustrating!