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Better resizing and scaling for report visualisations (especially in regards to "key")

It would be great to have more granular resizing of reports on dashboards, at the moment it's very basic which makes it hard to get reports to useful sizes without either wasting loads of space or making them hard to read.


If you have a chart with a lot of objects on it, the "key" is almost always truncated (only a few mappings of object <> colour can be seen) which makes the chart hard to read. Sometimes resizing the chart helps with this (generally scaling horizontally will display more), but generally it doesn't, resulting in loads of wasted space and a chart that's hard to read because it isn't showing the required information.

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I have a need to shrink reports to smaller than half-size. I am working on a user-specific dashboard and sometimes all that I want to show is a single number for one of the reports. For example, across the top of the dashboard it would be nice to show the number of calls made, the number of deals closed, etc. For a quick, at-a-glance view of that user's performance that month in some key areas.