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Better reporting for Products

I am very happy that the new "Products" feature was added under deals. I think this gives the opportunity to create very good reports on sales by products.


However, I would like the opportunity to create custom reports using the products. I would like to create, for example, the revenue from each product over time in a line graph, the cumulative revenue from products over time in a stacked area graph.


At the moment, the "Sales by Item" and "Average selling price" table reports available among the pre-made reports are not very visually descriptive. I would like the opportunity to customize them.

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July 24, 2019 08:42 AM

Users can now build product reports using the Report Builder.  By creating cross object reports for Deals and Products, you are able to create product-based revenue reports to drive decisionmaking. 

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@rok  - The issue is you can't pull in the close date on to the report. Trying to visualize Product Forecast by month based on the close date. 


I'd also like to see us being able to add goals in by product so we can track that.


@edjusten, where are we at with product reporting?  This thread looks like it's been going on for years.  Has there been any progress from HubSpot?  I need to report on historical sales by product.  I also want to filter the deal board by product.


For us it is:

WHO:  Mgt staff for reporting on forecasted sales by product line - weekly time suck


WHAT it does?  Tracks & reports both historical sales and current deals by products.  Also be able to assign produts to categories (i.e. group products together by services vs software, fixed price vs T&M, annual renewal vs qtrly).  We'd use these to control how the billing gets set up in our accounting system.  We currently have to use another custom field for this, which is double entry.  Also be able to assign a separate forecast date for each product in a deal.  Right now we have to create separate deals for separate products that may have different timings.  I've seen this comment from others.


What is your GOAL? Mgt is pushing for better deal reporting by product line for history and current deals to see what's hot/not hot.


Where is the ROADBLOCK?  Have product fields show up everywhere for filtering and reporting including on the deal board and reports and dashboards.


How would this add VALUE?  Eliminate manual deal reporting in our weekly meeting - wastes soooo much time preparing.  Automate seeing from what products most of our sales came from last 12 months and from which products most of our current deals are to spot trends both good and bad.  We could then produce more content to pump thru HubSpot accordingly.


I can run a report on products, however, I would like to run a report on productline. I have multiple products that fall under 3D and multiple under Photography and multiple under fees, and multiple under SAS, I would like to be able to run a report that shows sales by product line vs each individual product. 


If we could run reports on the product table it would likely solve this issue.  It would involve using the api to create a property for productline, but that should be something that is possible now. 



Anthony Lin 


Product Voids by Company


Exception Analysis

Distinct Counts


Last posting for this post was 5 months ago.  Any improvement on product reporting, specifically in the areas above?  It still seems there are limitations on how to really analyze sales by product. Or at least, if its possible, it's very cumbersome to set up and I'm not sure I even understand how to go about it.
We have Deals and Line Items in our reports already, just not at a SKU level (we entered the Line Items at a higher Brand and Category level to start, as properties on the line item) so we could at least report deal sales at this level. I am aware we could bulk import all of our SKUs into HS Product catalog via the API, before we invest the time doing that, we need to know HOW to set up reporting and WHAT we are going to be able to accomplish with the reporting options available in the Report Builder as of October 2021. The report builder seems super basic in its capabilities and very confusing to set up even the most basic reports. From what I can tell there is currently no analysis or chart for something like the above.  We need to be able to report on:
Companies Buying (list) <-- we could achieve this probably in a table view just by sorting descending, but that's not really what we're after
Companies Buying (distinct counts over time)
Product SKUs Bought (by Company)
Distinct Count of Product SKU's bought by Company over time
Companies Not Buying (list)
Companies Not Buying (distinct counts over time)
Product SKUs not bought (by Company)
HubSpot needs some sort of exception analysis. And also the ability to do distinct counts. I can do all this in SQL, it's just that I would have no idea how or where to port it into HS to be able to report on it even at basic table report level, and have it aggregate correctly. We may as well set up some dashboards in Power BI but we would prefer not to do that as we want our sales team to be able to use HS Report Builder for their self-service reporting needs.