Better reporting for Products

I am very happy that the new "Products" feature was added under deals. I think this gives the opportunity to create very good reports on sales by products.


However, I would like the opportunity to create custom reports using the products. I would like to create, for example, the revenue from each product over time in a line graph, the cumulative revenue from products over time in a stacked area graph.


At the moment, the "Sales by Item" and "Average selling price" table reports available among the pre-made reports are not very visually descriptive. I would like the opportunity to customize them.

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Ways to track amount of quotes through a filter/list and a report 

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ATTENTION HUBSPOT - It has been over a year since we started asking for reporting on products.  Can you please provide us some insight on if and when this will be rolled out?  we are spending unnecessary time having to manually create reports in Excel to get any use of this information.

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HubSpot Product Team
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Users can now build product reports using the Report Builder.  By creating cross object reports for Deals and Products, you are able to create product-based revenue reports to drive decisionmaking. 

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This is welcome news! Will be trying that out immediatley. thank you!

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When will we be able to pull in Associated Companies into the report @rok ?  We really need an easy way to show which company deals are tied to without clicking through to the deal