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I am very happy that the new "Products" feature was added under deals. I think this gives the opportunity to create very good reports on sales by products.


However, I would like the opportunity to create custom reports using the products. I would like to create, for example, the revenue from each product over time in a line graph, the cumulative revenue from products over time in a stacked area graph.


At the moment, the "Sales by Item" and "Average selling price" table reports available among the pre-made reports are not very visually descriptive. I would like the opportunity to customize them.

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It would be very helpful to be able to run reports from the product library or add the product library to the available columns in table view of the Deals page.  When I do an export of my pipeline I cannot see what products are in each deal and have to update this manually which is extremely time consuming.

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Agreed! Our sales manager would love to be able to filter and report off of product in each deal created. This would be essential to see what's in the pipeline and for forecasting sales.  

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If I could upvote this 100 times, I would.


My company is furious that, when deals are exported, they cannot see any product information.

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 Agreed with all comments above!! Our Sales team would love to see a better breakdown of Products for Deals and Companies reporting. 

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Agree 100% - Further, when I view a deal today, it is automatically linked to the products for that deal that I have created in the products catalog (a relationship has been created within Hubspot between the deal entity and the product catalog entity for that deal), AND my deal is also linked to the company information for that deal (the link between company entity and deal entity has already been created). What's not there is the ability to generate a combined report that has deal specific information combined with the product catalog specific information for an individual deal. I want to see Deal Properties, Company Properties, AND Detailed Product Catalog Information for that Deal as detail for that deal in my Deals View.

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Hi @edjusten is this on your roadmap? It'd be great to be able to get better reporting

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Hi folks. If there is progress on this a member of the product team will comment. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

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Per @edjusten's request, I want to provide some insight into how a better reporting tool would benefit me and my organization.


WHO is the feature for - Specifically the sales operations team (Me), but also the sales, management, and executive team as a whole.



WHAT product/tool does it improve? - It improves our ability to examine our sales at a more granular level and gauge the trends in what we are selling and the progress of our company's growth.  As we pivot focus from products to services, it is crucial to be able to see and track those changes in our CRM.   


What is your GOAL? - My goal is to be able to produce custom reports with the information that I have in my CRM.  I need to be able to see my business from multiple angles.  


Where is the ROADBLOCK? - Since custom reporting from the product library isn't an option, I''ve had to add deal properties for product/service name and $ amount.  This is not only redundant, but can create discrepancies in deal amounts because those properties do not adjust the deal value itself, which is the sole benefit of using the product library.  I have to add these properties so that I can search and filter when I'm in the Deals view.  There is also the issue of exporting dashboards.  Even if I could report on the things I need to, it's impossible to share any graphs or tables because of the extremely poor quality PDFs.  Even in the desktop view, numbers are cut off, space is under utilized, so I can't even screenshot the things I've built.  So in order to do the type of reporting that I need, I have to export my pipeline via excel and build my own reports. Which kind of defeats the purpose of building dashboards.  As our company scales and gows, this will become a monumentous task.


How would this add VALUE? - This would provide one of the greatest values in a sales organization: time.  Having all of the reporting tools I need in order to provide efficient, up-to-date pipeline information at a moment's notice would improve day-to-day operations exponentially. 


Do you have any EXAMPLES (other products / diagrams / screenshots) - I have included two of the tables I've built and one comparison graph.  I've also built them in my CRM, but since I can't report on multiple amounts in the same report, product and services have to be two separate reports. I basically just use the dashboards to check my own work.  Which, again, defeats the purpose.  I've also included a screenshot of the dashboard export PDF.


I don't mean to be hypercritical, but accurate and timely reporting is crucial to my role and my organization and if there is any way that I can help get this tool to where it needs to be, I'm going to do everything I can.Dashboard Export.jpegDashboard ExportProduct and Services by Market Segment.jpegProduct and Services by Market SegmentProduct and Services by Line of Business.jpegProduct and Services by Line of Business

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@agrayson  Thank you for this detailed idea submision.  I'll be sure to refer others here for further upvotes. HubSpot product managers will update here if actions are taken. 


Thank you.

Ed Justen 

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Adding my additional thoughts here - we need a lot of upvotes.  How do we distribute a poll to full user community to gauge interest and importance, versus being reactive and hoping they come here to look adn upvote?


This is a critical feature needed.  Prior to having access to the products feature, I had to create a multiple deal cards for a single client.  A new sale for a new client may consist of consulting services and a support plan and a reporting app (we have over 20 services and products we track against).  Prior to having th eproducts feature, I would have to create 3 different Deal cards for the above example, with is tedious to create and tedious to manage as close dates move or you lose the opportunity.  When products was released, I was super excited and actually converted everything to incorporate products, so I have one deal card per client.  What I did not realize, was that the reporting capabilities for Products was not fully available, as other features.  The only thing you can report on are SALES.  Most of my reporting is regarding Pipeline and Forecast for the next 3 months and for the Fiscal Year.  Because I cannot report on this, I am now having to export to Excel, manually divide the Deal Cards that have multiple products, sort and calculate my reporting.  This is not efficient, and is very time consuming.


WHO is the feature for? Sales Managers, C-Suite for reporting on forecasted sales by product line

WHAT product/tool does it improve?  reporting

What is your GOAL? automate reporting so I am not having to export to Excel adn manually manipulate data, which defeats the purpose of using the tool in this manner

Where is the ROADBLOCK?  I do not have the full reporting capability for Products.  The only options for reporting are sales and average selling price.  This is only a small portion of how we use the CRM - we need to be able to forecast and be proactive, not just looking at historical sales data

How would this add VALUE?  Eliminate hours of work per WEEK in manual manipulation of data.  That costs my company - $25,000 in just the time it takes ME to run manual reports.