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Better reporting for Playbooks

We are starting to use Playbooks for sales and customer success purposes. It would be great to be able to create reports for the number of times they are used, and also by play book.


Currently Playbook activity is not identifiable as a reportable activity when building reports.

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+1! We just rolled out playbooks last month and there is currently no way to easily track usage/effectiveness.


I need to be able to report on the data inside the playbook, this is valuable information. Is there any info on when this feature might be considered or is it on the road map already?


Waiting for the tracking. Must have to collect data and improve tools.

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Hi! I would love to see how many times a playbook was used, and what type of answers were collected.


I would love the ability to run a report that shows playbooks completed by sales reps, the percentage of the playbook completed, and last date modified. 


Reviewing properties isn't enough. I can think of a few creative ways to make a list like this work through workflows, but it should be native. Almost like looking at a list of custom objects. 


Agreed! My HubSpot rep mentioned before about playbooks so we started to implement them in HubSpot and I was kind of shocked there's no way to track any usage of them. I'd love to be able to see some stats on how often my sales team uses playbooks in meetings, becuase they all say they use them but I'm really not thinking that's the case. 


Any updates on this? Playbooks are not very helpful if you can't report on them or pull them into a list or filtered view. Please add this!


I'm upvoting this idea. We're considering implementing playbooks, but it feels like the product is missing the reporting section for it.


Agreed, alspo currently once a playbook is filled out on the contact, is the only place to find it if you scroll down on the activity? I know you can pin it to the top but you can only ever pin one thing so would be great is there was a specific button you could click on the record to bring up the completed playbook, or alternatively be able to pin more than one note


+1 vote here. 


I found this thread looking for instructions on reporting on playbooks (usage, responses, etc.). I'm very disappointed that this feature doesn't exist! How can we integrate this tool into our workflow if we can't measure its use? 


I need this feature to demonstrate value and new process implementation to my senior stakeholders.

We are rolling out a more rigorous sales qualification process and rely on Playbooks.

However because the playbooks themselves are not required, then we need a way to see not only how many have been completed but also opened, partially completed, etc.


I just came here looking for info on how to run a report on playbook  usage only to discover that I am not the only one. We want to be able to track is the sales team is using the playbooks.



+1 vote here ; Playbook feature potential is tremendous and this reportable ability is missing to get them to the next level. 


We just rolled out a new playbook to our sales team that is essential to help them with targetting a specific customer base. It would be great if we could create a custom report, or customer journey report, that can show whether or not the playbook was used when prospecting an account. It would be especially beneficial to show how many deals were won by utilizing a calling playbook.


Need this feature. Makes no sense to have question fields in there but no way to report on them. 


Any updates on this? There are a few ideas posted regarding Playbooks (like this one Seems like there's quite a bit of interest from the community to get more functionality added. Playbooks could be a great tool for our team if we could pull a list, run a report or even set up a workflow any time a playbook is filled out. Without the ability to do any of these, the tool isn't as useful as it could be.

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I'd also like to see the ability to search/filter across object records (contacts, companies, deals, tickets) where the playbooks have been used. For example: John Smith, Joan Smith, etc have used Intro Playbook or Company A, Company B, etc. have used the Kickoff Playbook.


Would love to be able to report on playbooks and use playbooks in workflows (i.e., if deal stage = X, send playbook completion task).


Reporting is absolutely critical - we need to know who completed/when, % completion by question, common answers, etc.


I think its best to applying new feature of playbbook in reports. So It would be best that we can see how many playbooks have filled in old deals and how many are left just by one click in reports.


This seems like a huge oversight. I need to be able to track how many playbooks have been completed by our sales reps to track this type activity, because our reps complete these after every call depending on the call type. The ability to report on playbook completion counts overall and by user needs to be added ASAP.