Better reporting for Playbooks


We are starting to use Playbooks for sales and customer success purposes. It would be great to be able to create reports for the number of times they are used, and also by play book.


Currently Playbook activity is not identifiable as a reportable activity when building reports.

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This is essential - PLaybooks need to become part of reports, allow you to track rep activity - mWhich reps use which playbooks and how many playbooks a contact has had completed on their record - this will make playbooks far more valuable and allow insights from playbooks and allow users to really get better value from the tool.


Agreed. Being able to report on which Playbooks are used for each Company would allow us to track the adoption of Playbooks by our team and ensure our customers are all receiving the same information. 


Definitely agree, this would allow us to track the adopt of Playbooks and which playbook we need to update. Please introduce reporting.


We are working out how we can show trends over time (a top reporting requirement across our org) on the Playbook responses. Because we have questions linked to property values, and those are overwritten with each new response, we're challenged with how to show whether we're improving/changing.  


Upvoting this and adding that it would be great to be able to pull not only usage analytics but actually report on the content being input by the rep (ex. # of times a given "quick answer" is selected). Thank you!