Better organization for the Property Settings page

I'd like to be able to drag and drop the order of the property groups. Our best practice is we never add new custom properties to any of the current HubSpot properties mostly because they get lost amongst all the properties that already exist. 


Having the property groups appear below the HubSpot defaults is frustrating when typically you're not going to change any of the original HubSpot properties. Often when I'm working on custom properties I'll click the arrow to shrink the default property groups so I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the custom ones I've made. But when I go in to edit a custom property and then come back out again, all of the property groups are open once again. So I have to close them all yet again and scroll all the way down to the bottom.


Having the ability to sort them alphabetically would also be a nice feature.

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I agree.  I want to bring the category of the property group that we use the most under the deal, contact and Company page.  I would also like to organize the properties within the group.  I don't like that they are alphabetical, sometimes I would like it more itemized based on date or process.. I end up having to put 1 ______, 2 ______ and if I have more than nine, I have to start with A1, A2. .. it makes it look so sloppy.  

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Agreed with both suggestions - being able to move around the property groups & also move around properties so they show up in the order we want them in, rather than alphabetically or in the order in which they were added as custom properties.

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So now, we just need this brought to the top of their list of requests to fulfill!! Fingers crossed!! 

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Sort the property group and property in alphabetical order will be great yes ! Thanks

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Along with this, it would be nice to be able to change the group category for HubSpot Default Properties. We have added several groups to be able to organize our properties better but can't change HubSpot's default property and can't delete them either so we either have to add a similar property like Job Title but add an * to the name.