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Better file management

Hello there!
We are a company consiting of many different branches and teams, just like many other companies.

One of my daily struggles is cleaning out in the limited 250 videos with advanced features. However, there is little to no way of managing this in a satisfying way.

I would love for the following to be possible:

  1. Export files from a filtered view
  2. Restrict what type of files users can upload (More limitations for videos with advanced features)
  3. Allocate a team / business-unit a certain amount of the total limit. 
  4. Allow for better tracking, if they are part of a form (which is hosted) it will not show that in file usage. 
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This is really needed for propper file access management.


I should be enabled to control general record access for the File Object.


I want to set Users/Teams for with appropriate permission sets for Read/Write/Delete access specific to this Object according to their role, and even control access to individual properties.


While we're at it, validations rules would also be nice.


In fact, that would actually be nice feature across all objects in Hubspot - just like Salesforce has.