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Better community user profiles will give us more impetus to post solutions!

While it's always great to help out others in the community and have that reciprocated when looking for solutions myself, it really doesn't make sense to me that the users receiving answers cannot easily view a full profile of those that help them.

I've written out my profile, but none of the information is visible to other users. It would be great if anyone I help could actually see who I am and learn a little more about our agency, with my signature on comments linked to our company website etc.
I'm in no way wanting to turn the community into a lead-gen farm - and those type of comments should be actively discouraged - but it would make it far more worth mine and other users time to post solutions regularly, if doing so could result in some inbound leads! 

If the helpee has an immediate need for more of the same expertise, it makes sense that they be presented with the ability to easily find out more should they wish.

This holds especially true for people with generic names such as mine that can't so easily be found on LinkedIn 😉
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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @JoeDavies we have a new version of the profile page currently in development and plan to push live within the coming week. Stay tuned! Please feel free to get in touch directly with the team via