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Better ad analytics & reporting

The ad reporting and analytics gives an nice overview of how the  ads are performing, but we miss a stage to measure conversion rate here.

It shows: Impressions - Clicks - Contacts - Deals (won)


There should be a step (preferrably customizable) when a deal is created for example or MQL, SQL.

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Hey @jochenvp ,


My name is Jason, I work on the Ads team here at HubSpot. Thanks so much for the feedback! I will definitely bring that back to my team and to discuss further reporting options. In the meantime, you can report on MQL and SQL at a campaign level if you click on "Add metrics" there will be more column options that you can add to your table.


I hope that helps a little bit!



That's already something yes, thanks!


To elaborate on the previous. The reason why I would like to have it on the top "funnel" is that we can se a cost break-down as well. Like cost per MQL, cost per SQL etc.

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@jochenvp  Ahhh ok awesome that's super helpful to know! What are all the metrics would you like to be able to see in that top data well funnel?

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Hi @jfrade 

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't really get the use of MQL and SQL in the conversion reporting for Ads. They refer to stages in a funnel so obviously a contact can become an MQL and then an SQL, Opportunity, Customer etc


Ads reporting right now seemingly shows a snapshot at a given point in time. It isn't of particular use to know that as of right now there are X MQLs associated to a given campaign, rather I want to know that a given campaign has generated Y number of  MQLs over time, independently of whether those Y contacts are now MQLs, SQLs, Opps or Customers.


To do this reporting now it means exporting everything to Excel and using the "Became an MQL date" property etc. It's really a bit cumbersome.





On top of this, would it be possible to generate a report that can be placed in a dashboard? Let me explain.


When you are opening the Marketing > Ads tab, you have this nicely presented funnel: Impressions > Clicks > Contacts > Customers.


Then, when you click on the Analyze tab, you are able to look deeper into data like impressions, clicks, etc. You can even add them to a dashboard. 


Although, and that's where the issue is, it is impossible to get that simplified view (Impressions > Clicks > Contacts > Customers) to be added as a report into a dashboard.


Is there an alternative way for that or it is something that needs to be implemented by the Hubspot team?


Thank you for your help!