Better User Management

It would be very nice to have a much better user management. With more options for rights and permissions.

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It would be great to be able to give only preview visibility of companies (with deals and contacts) so that other teams are able to see which contacts are associated with which companies, and if there any existing deals (and which contacts are associated to those deals) without any additional information or editing permissions.


This is for the same reason as described by SarahV

"The reason we cannot allow access for all is due to avoid fall out between teams and protect privacy. We do not want all members of each team to see what other teams are doing. If a user on one team secured a customer or deal, there would be nothing stopping a user on another team from claiming that deal as theirs - if they could all view and edit everything."


It's this way all across Hubspot.  While the newer user and Teams setup is better than it was before, it still has a long way to go. (My  opinion).  It's still way too loose. 

Example; giving a person edit creation to Blogs.  #1, should be able to restrict which blogs they can see and edit.  #2 give them only basic editing capabilities and not the full blown editor.  If they are only there to edit, why are they also given access to dashboards, reports, creation of CTA, etc...

This is just one example.  Access should be set at the most restrictive and THEN given additional access, if needed. Not presumed access.



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  1. Navigation/areas - Hide entirely, e.g. do not show Conversations for users with no access.  Anything that you go to only to get a permission error should lbe hidden.
  2. Setting - Hide all global settings from non-administrators
  3. Properties - granular view/edit permissions by property
  4. Global dashboards - granular view/edit permissions by dashboard as well as restrict ability to create and/or share dashboards
  5. Sequences - granular view/edit permissions based on ownership, at a sequence or folder level.
  6. Tasks - Do not allow non-admins to check off tasks they do not own
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I am an administrator and when logging onto other users to make changes to their profiles - add e-mail signatures, connect phone numbers, update views etc the system does not allow me to do this requiring verification number sent by e-mail. Obviously the system sends this to the user e-mail rather than my own. It would be even better if the admin user could be exempt from this and able to log in to any user? -  most of our users are salesmen and they do not want to have anything to do with the admin side of things!


Perhaps the admin could log into their own account and the in settings>users and teams>actions (the little grey dropdown) have a option to "access user's account" to edit their profile/system defaults and settings/ table views/ dashboard defaults/ signatures/ connect phone/email etc

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Having that feature would be very helpful. Our sales team also does not want to mess with admin settings so being able to do that on other users behalf would be a benefit.