Better User Management

It would be very nice to have a much better user management. With more options for rights and permissions.

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I would like to suggest more granular options on the permissions for some properties. 




Sales User can change lifecycle stage from Subscriber ->  Opportunity 

Super Admin ONLY can change lifecycle stage to Customer. 


Reason: When using workflows to deliver customer experience emails (initiated by lifecycle changes), I don't want a rep accidentally changing the lifecycle stage to customer prior to a confirmed closed sale.





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We need permissions to allow users or teams or combinations of both to have read, edit or creatre rights for specific business objects.

It is common practice that access to accounts or contacts or business objects of contacts or accounts can be restricted by permissions. This does not only mean that is must be posssible to restrict general access or visibility, but also to deny access even if a user uses a direct URL -Link to accounts/contacts/objects.

Futhermore, if a user has no access to an account or contact, it should be configurable if an account or user can be created more than once - but with different permissions - or if the system should tell users that accounts or contacts are already in the system and that they can request access at the owner. 

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 I agree with everyone here.

It's a bit crazy that you only have two options:

  1. Sales people can only see the deals they are working on
  2. Sales people can see ALL deals, contacts and their corresponding emails.

It effectively means you need to choose between crippling your salesforce, as they won't be able to see what deals are open, and jump in if needed, or exposing all your emails to everyone.


There should be an option to set seperate permissions for contacts and deals, e.g.

Deals - visible across the team, including the contacts associated with those deals.

Contacts - visible across team.

Emails - only see emails for contacts you own, or contacts associated with deals in your team.

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As a company owner, there are some contacts / converstaions that I would like to have tracked in hubspot, but are not appropriate for others in the company to have access to. For example, I would like to keep attorney, shareholder and legislative conversations restricted to myself and maybe a few individuals in the company.


Another example would be HR; I would like to have our HR person keep conversations with insurance companines on hubspot for all of the obvious reasons; but currently cannot because it would be inappropriate to have those types of communications public for sales employees to view.


Ideaily, it would be nice to:

1. Have the ability make contacts, companies and deals: available to all, available to owner only, available to specific user(s), available to specific team(s).

2. It would also be nice to restrict editing: edit anything, edit comments, edit deal stage, view only


 Wayyyyy overdue.  So frustrating. 

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Have just created my own specific idea related to this. Agreed, the current permissions approach is extremely limited considering the power and general felxibility of HubSpot.

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 Hi Roisin -


I'm wondering if you have any updates about the roadmap for permissioning.

I'd love more granularity between "View Everything", which includes the text of specific emails, and "Owner Only", which silos knowledge between reps. 


Specifically, it would be great to have a permission setting that allowed everyone in the company to see meta-actions (that some other rep emailed a specific contact at a comany) but not to see the actual contents of the email. 


Are any updates like this being considered? (or any other major changes to the granularity of permissioning?)


- Misha

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Please, please, please fix this.  This is the only thing holding us back and forcing our sales team to stay on salesforce.  Please allow it so deals can be separate permissions from contacts.


We need our sales team to have access to and see all contacts, but not the financials and deals associated with the whole company.  PLEASE!

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Hi is there an update on this?  Looks like the last update from Hubspot was almost a year ago.

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Writing on behalf of a user:


It would be convenient to give edit permission but not delete permission.

Now, if we toggle off "edit" permission, this user is not able to delete a contact but also not able to edit.

More options for edit and delete permission would be useful.

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Posting on behalf of an user:
It would be great to have more flexibility for "export" permission. At the moment, if you switch off "export" permission under CRM, you would not be able to export any of contacts, companies, deals or tickets.
In some cases, people would need a permission to export deals but not for contacts in order to protect private information of customers.
For example, our business needs to compose each quotes with deal information. Therefore, we would need to export deal records but we would prevent to give permission to export contacts. In such case, more flexibility in user permission would be great help.
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And it would be great for the administrator to be able to close a month so that deals in a Closed stage cannot be edited. 

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I would love to have a feature to limit the permission against templates in these 3 levels:

1. Allow this user to edit/use the templates which this user created

2. Allow this user to edit/use the templates which team created

3. Allow this user to edit/use all templates


The reason I request this feature:

1. It would be convenient when we want to investigate templates' performance. Currently, if one user has access to design tool, he can use any templates. We would like to limit this permission on templates level, so that we will be able to look at each user's templates performance. (We want to avoid the situation where users can use other users' templates.)


2. Sometimes we have important documents we insert into templates. We would like to allow only managers can access to this template.


Thank you!


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The option to not update the property value if there is any value set when importing existing contacts



It would be great if there is an option not to update the current value of the property if there is any known value when importing the list of contacts. We just started using HubSpot and we imported the list several times by multiple contact owners. They have sent the marketing email to their list and which caused sending the duplicated email to the same contact. We would like to keep the first contact owner to be assigned and have our reps to check owners before sending the email. Also, when there are several sales reps talking to the contact, the data from the contact could be updated to the data which was imported at latest. We would like to keep the initial data from the sales rep who reached out to the contact and would like to avoid updating it.

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Would be nice to be able to have a roles based permission settings or an easier way to see all users settings and update quickly. We have over 800 users and opening each user record to see setting levels is very time consuming.

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Agreed! I have several sub-brands on my hubspot account, with seperate social profiles, subscriptions and lists that need to be managed by certain teams. Those teams shouldn't have access to everything or nothing. 

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I would also like to voice support for more granular control of individual properties.


For instance, I would like to allow users to assign unassigned contacts/companies to themselves, but not to other people. Inadvertently doing so can screw up multiple people as now some users end up with contacts they don't know what they were supposed to be doing with, and the original owner/claimmant cannot access the account since we don't want them to be able to edit each others' accounts.


Also, making certain properties view-only, rather than just broad categories, would be helpful, as I currently need to allow editing to the whole module to permit any editing at all, while there are several fields that should not be edited.


Allowing field-specific permissions would be very helpful so as to not be forced to give users enough rope to hang themselves with.

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User management is critical. We want to know which users have what access for security reasons, especially for contacts. Contacts are a critical part of any businesses. We gave access as per need but after we reached to 150+ users, we really wanted to analyze the access part again.

But as a solution, we have to go one by one to all users edit popup window and check what access we gave for contacts to whom. It's a hectic task to do. 

However, Hubspot doesn't have any solution.

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Ideally, we would want additional user permissions for granting / restricting access to certain email templates as our company manages multiple brands. 


- Posted on behalf of Alex Hu


@roisinkirby  One of the needs that we have is to further limit the roles, to those specific functions.  For Example.  


Blogs -  I need to create a user that can create a blog article.  As it stands now, when I create that user and the only thing that I have enabled is Blog Write and Read.  However, that user has access to ALL Campaign information, SEO reports, Dashboard and reporting information, CTA information for ALL CTA's, etc etc.   We need to more granularily control access to the Hubspot system.  


These requirements would be the same if they were for any other section of Hubspot.  You grant access from the most secure to the least secure options.  Not starting halfway in the middle.