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Better User Management

It would be very nice to have a much better user management. With more options for rights and permissions.

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It would be excellent if we could limit access to the social tool with read and write for marketers like you can for blog, landing pages and email (shown below).


We just moved over to the social tool in hubspot, but are still a little scared that all the "marketers" have access to post on our social channels.



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Also would be nice for an admin user to have ability to send a sales email on behalf of a rep instead of having to log out and in each time.

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The user management aspect of the CRM is pretty poor and not very functional for any team that needs any sort of collaboration and custom permissions. Either a user can see only what is assigned to them our unassigned, or they can see everything. This provides very poor flexibility when multiple people are working on the same "deal", or even creating separating permissions for very different types of things within the CRM like contacts, companies, deals etc. All which should have different reasons for different permissions. We will really need this to be fixed to stay a customer.

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We are interested in controlling what a user can see on a more granular level. We don't want reps to be able to see each other's contacts, but we have a user assigned for "unassigned" and would like all reps to see these.

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It would be sweet if portals could be set up from simply selecting a blueprint.  This blueprint would define user permissions, contact-company-deal filtered views & property arrangements, shared templates, and location/market information.  This way when you add a user you would just assign them a 'Sales - Minnesota' blueprint for example or 'Production - Colorado' or 'Lead Gen Team' etc


This would save a ton of time setting up users and possibly allow for segmenting by location at the account level rather than just a dropdown property that you need to have in contacts/companies/deals (redundant).  It would also allow you to reset users (update their blueprint) after you have made significant changes to your company's processes and not have to go through syncing user by user.  

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Hi There,


I completely agree with more advanced user permission settings.

It would be great to limit user access to the "About Section" but still allow users access to the timeline capabilities.


This would be really helpful for admins to control quality of property data, because as it stands, anyone who needs to view and make notes on the timeline can also edit the "About " section. As the quality of data is so important, it would be extremely helpful to control access to the property data within the "About" section.


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Community Manager
updated to: Delivered

I'm happy to announce that HubSpot rebuilt the tools you use to manage users inside HubSpot from the ground up. You’ll find a number of awesome improvements, and a clean new design. Please see this post from the Product Updates blog for a rundown of these new features.


Please note: These features are now being rolled out to all HubSpot users! This process will take us up to a week to complete - you’ll have them in your HubSpot account soon. In the meantime, you can still turn them on manually - see post above. 

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This doesn't resolve much for us. If we are using teams to control our user permissions, we need to be able to assign a team member to more than one team.

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I too would like to be able to restrict/allow access to specific contacts by specific users/team to increase client confidentiality for exclusive VIP clients and prevent opportunities for poaching clients by sales team members. These are fundemental requirements of any CRM - particularly with today's increased privacy laws around personally identifiable information.

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I'd also like the user management features to be updated. I am the HubSpot admin for our team and I get requests all the time to move around the default contact/company/deal properties for people (yes, even though they can do it themselves...). It would be super helpful to allow admins to change the default views for individual people as well as overall. When you make a change to the default properties in settings, it won't apply to an individual's settings if they've already changed something from the default, which makes sense. But I'd love the ability to 'view as x user' so I can see and edit the default properties that show up for an individual user.

Let me know if you want more information!