Better SEO keyword rank tracking

You're already offering the Keywords report, but it's close to useless. We need to track our rank per week for selected keywords. 

It looks like you already have the data, but just need to make it available.


We need to be able to

  • choose a country for each keyword
  • track current rank
  • change
  • connect it to visits
  • show data for avg monthly searches
  • calculated a total avg. rank to track over time
  • track competitors rank for the same keywords
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Look at a simple solution like

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^^ I would not recommend the website above me because looking at the pricing their highest package only offers to track 1000 KWS which is similar to what Hubspot offer. Best place I would recommend is Semrush which offers everything that you mentioned. Hubspot is not a good tool for SEO expert to keep track of KWS, organic traffic and checking on competitors. The Keywords tools on Hubspot is pretty useless because you can track only up to 1,000 Keywords. 

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@manzoor thanks, I know Hubspot isn't currently great for this. That's why I suggested here to make it a priority because it would be useful not to have to buy a third party tool for this.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

We understand that rank data has the appeal of being very easy to track, and thus present as a metric. However, page rank data does not provide an accurate view of how your site is truly preforming for all your target audiences. That is why we are working to build out more reporting metrics for our Content Strategy tool. Check out these articles for more context around why we are not focusing efforts here: