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Better Notification Alerts For Disconnected Ad Accounts

Hi Team! TDLR; allowing users to be proactively notified when an ad account becomes disconnected within the HubSpot Ads tool would greatly improve the admin experience.


With HubSpot's Ads tool, customers come to rely on the unique view of ad performance across key networks, with reporting & attribution unlike what any individual ad network can provide. With marketers relying on HubSpot in this way, it's critical that when an entire ad account becomes disconnected from HubSpot, that the issue is resolved as soon as possible so there's no interference with ad tracking, lead ad syncing, or any other features the marketing team is relying on HubSpot to help power. Insights and ROI take a hit every minute the ad account is disconnected.


Currently the notifications are sent to the user who connected the account, and per this article, are sent to other admins 7-days later. There's also in-app banners if you happen to log-in during the time a disconnect occurs. 


Since one of the main reasons the ad account can become disconnected stems from something happening with the user who originally connected the accounts, the notification expeirence could be improved by alerting all Super Admins within the HubSpot account as soon as the disconnect happens. Or people listed as "Technical Contact" or "Primary Contact" within account & billing > company info. Or even all users who have access to the ads tool within the permissions profile. When the ROI of active ad campaigns are on the line, it's important not to wait the 7-days to notify someone else, especially when the disconnect is known to stem from a connected user issue, where alerting that person might be sending a notification into a void (if they changed jobs, for instance).


Help marketers get reconnected fast with better ad account disconnect alerts. Please! Thank you!