Better Controls for Chat Availability - Office Hours / User Availability

Hi there, it would be great to have better controls for user availability for chat. 


1 - let us set different office hours for different chat flows

We have offices in multiple time zones - California and London - these use different chat flows routed to different teams. We cannot set office hours right now because we have to set it universally for all the chat flows. 


2 - let sales users schedule their chat availability

The above wouldn't be a problem if we could automatically schedule chat availability - just like the meetings links - as well as manually toggling it on and off. 


Right now, our sales reps have to manually toggle their availability. If they forget, we end up with angry messages from disappointed visitors who expected to talk to a human and got a bot and then an away message. 


Given we're forced not to use 'business hours', giving individual sales reps this tool would avoid mistakes. 


I think this feature really matters if you have a small team multi-tasking on chat - if you have lots of dedicated people there will always be someone availabile, but thats not the case for smaller companies that use hubspot. 

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It would be great if HS Chat availabilty could be automatically changed by

  • Time frame per agent
  • Availability based on Google Calander
  • Availability based on Slack avaiability.
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Having the ability to set office and chat hours would be ideal for my company. We currently have to sign in to HubSpot, then turn the chat on to available when we arrive.


Many times we have missed out on sales opportunities because we get distracted or simply forget to change our availability from away to available. 

Can we please look into having a chat setting for availability based time as well as the current manual availability option for the chat? Thoughts?


Thank you!

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For us, the ability to set individual availability hours is a must. Availability based on Slack/Outlook calendar would be fantastic. The ability to see who is available at any given time as well would be important as many of our team work remotely. 

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Right now our team is working remotely and their availability is based on very specific hours.  Having availability options (i.e. OUtlook calander) would be great.

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YES! I had assumed chat user could set their individual availability, just like they can with the meetings tool, only to find out that this isn't possible at the moment.


Would love for each individual user in Sales or Service hub to have the power to set their own availability times. HubSpot would then automatically mark them as "Available" during those times, which they could then manually override if needed.