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Better Associations for Custom Surveys (associate with tickets/etc.)

Custom surveys are great. That's a step in the right direction. However, feedback/surveys can't be associated with tickets (manually or automated). Only NPS surveys show up on the ticket in the Recent Feedback section in the assocations panel. This limits automation and makes it harder for our support team. Feedback workflows are also limited in enrollmenet criteria. 

Use case: We have a custom survey for cancellations that is triggered using the custom survey recipients criteria (email survery), but we want to run automation and change statuses on the ticket when the survey is complete. Right now there is no direct way to do that since the ticket workflow can't listen for survey responses to automatically change the status. It also makes reporting limited since you have to go off the contact association. 

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We have the same problem... I use a custom survey link for CSAT which is sent in an email at the point a support ticket is closed. The completed survey has no relation to the ticket which makes things very problematic as it's requires now a lot of manual digging to figure out which agent was responsible for the survey result. 



I have a bit of a different problem, but I think it's headed in the same direction. We have multiple high end products where we need to get a lot of information from the customer to deliver our service. We standardized most of it using questionaires which we send to the customer. I would like to migrate this to HubSpot surveys, but I can't associate a completed survey to a specific deal of the contact, at least I didn't find a way yet. 

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@CWeissteiner There isn't a way right now. It sounds like these properties should live on the deal though. 


We have similar issue here - our custom survey's response is showing on the Submitter's Contact record, however is not assigned to the certain ticket.
For resolver performance assesment, there should be an option to also associate the respective feedback to the relevant ticket.


HubSpot - if a ticket triggers a survey, that feedback will still not be associated to the ticket that triggered it. What's more, they cannot even be manually associated. This really complicates reporting for anyone relying heavily on custom surveys. PLEASE fix this!