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Beta Task Change

The new beta task system requires too many steps after refreshing. Reverts back to All tasks every time rather than holding overdue. I work my list in reverse order. So after reviewing and handling a task, I advance the date. Then it goes to All, I have to click overdue, then I click date to reverse order, nothing happen, click again. Now I have my next task. This takes way to long. Not happy. Will use old way as long as I can, but prefer you make that an option.
I realize I may not use this program as others my, but I have to move through my loist quickly.
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Additional request/change: Re-order (or allow cusomization) of the tasks associations


As it is now the Associations seem to display in the following order Contact, Company, Deal. However, if a task has all three associations, only the Contact is list with a +2 next to it. You have to hover over the association to see the other two.


Task - beta.png


As a B2B operation, our primary record is the Company, not the individual contact, making the current set up less than ideal. Can there be a setting/way to customize the order in which the associations appear? I anticipate this being a significant pain point for our Sales Team. Thank you!