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Beta Feedback - Culminative Targets on Sales Analytics Graphs

I know this section is in beta at the moment - Sales Analytics.


I am trying to show the amount of sales this year vs targets. I can show this comparison month on month, but I would also like a graph to show culminative closed won vs culminative targets

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The filter functionality in Sales Analytics is - quite frankly - broken when compared to regular reports. For example, it is impossible to show forecast results agrregated by team or aggregated across the who organization. All it woudl require is appropriate implementation of a "breakdown by user" option in the filter setup. An with respect to the original idea above, it would be easy to break down by other deal properties as well - just liek you can with the regular reports tool. 


We would use that regular reports tool for such dashboards, but the failure there is having no access to the goals numbers except in very specialized report formats.