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Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting for Businesses

What is Virtual Desktop Hosting?
Technology used to separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer. Desktop virtualization is considered a type of client-server computing model because the “virtualized” desktop is stored on a centralized, or remote, server and not the physical machine being virtualized.
Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting for Your Business
The definition alone highlights some significant benefits of this concept. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the platform, uncovering just how organizations are benefiting from the implementation and maintenance of VDI today.


1) Significant Cost Savings
VDI’s typically come with relatively minimal cost if the server setup already exists. In exchange, you can get potentially significant savings down the road. In other words, desktop virtualization is much more than just an initial cost. It’s a positive investment that has the potential to bring a significant return.
First, you can rely less on expensive desktop computers with the exact right software and license needed. But even upgrades and maintenance, which can take significant IT time when performed on many different machines, are reduced to a minimum as they can be accomplished in a much more centralized manner.

These benefits are not just hypothetical. Azure VDI (Microsoft) , a major provider estimates that virtual apps can reduce desktop costs by up 60% of the organizational expenses for large organizations.


2) Decreased Security Risks
Especially as organizations grow, digital security becomes an increasingly essential concern. After all, a single cyber attack can cost the average business upwards of $2 million in damages. Preventative measures are not optional, but absolutely essential to ensure long-term business survival and success.

A virtual environment for your business will play a significant part in making your business more secure. The data is now stored in a central system, which you can protect more strongly than you would be able on your employees’ devices. Everything is centrally managed, allowing you to set the rules and keep your data in the right hands.The Dedicated Server Providers maintain the security by follwing the latest trends of security measures and firewalls, keeping the organizations safe.

Most data breaches happen by accident. You can prevent both these accidents and intentional attacks simply by keeping better track of your data, and how it is accessed.

3) Workplace Flexibility
It might be the most obvious advantage. If your desktops are hosted virtually, employees and members of your team will be able to access them regardless of their location, situation, or device. The result, generally speaking, is significantly increased flexibility within the workplace.

Imagine a remote workforce that can suddenly leverage the same technology without expensive installs. Meanwhile, the Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) trend is taking off, with 87 percent of organizations now relying on their employees to use personal devices for at least one application.

In each case, flexibility is essential, by hosting your desktops and applications in the cloud, you can achieve accessibility even in these situations.

These benefits make it clear: moving to a VDI environment is highly beneficial, for almost every organization. That explains why so many businesses are making the switch, with more than 50 percent of organizations across industries expected to leverage at least part of the technology.

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