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Being able to send dynamic views with filter applied without saving view



I think one of the big opportunities that Hubspot and its users could benefit from is being able to send filtered views to colleagues without creating saved views.  Plus it being dynamic too, hopefully allowing us to be able to include the fields in the url.


A scenario we want this capability for is for governance. I've created a field that flags any deals that have not been updated in the last 30 days and want users that own them to either update them or archive them.


Being able to send them dynamic links in emails via workflows to send them a link they just click on that shows them a dynamic view using these filters:


Contact owner is John Smith

Deals updated in the last 30 days is "No"

Deals are active (Deals not Closed won or Closed Lost or Archived)


You could save a view that has the relevant filters applied. Then have a dynamic contact owner field in the url so that it dynamically shows the deals owned by that user based on the filter criteria. Then we can just send the dynamic link to each user in the workflow.


That way they could just see quickly which deals need updating, without having to update any filter criteria themselves.




This would allows us to increase productivity and make sure our workflow is up to date with users updating the deals that need to be updated and not leavng deals stagnant.